About Chinese Brush Art

Chinese brush art is one of the oldest continuous artistic tradition in the world with over 6000 years. It involves brush painting and calligraphy which was done with bamboo brushes. Ink is the most important element in the brush art as it is also represented as a bone of artistic body, while paint pigment support the art body like muscles.

Art supplies made of natural materials are non-toxic, organic and environment friendly. Bamboo brush, charcoal based ink, natural pigment paint and natural fiber based rice paper, all of these connect the human motion and dynamic life with nature together.

According to traditional Chinese philosophy, Human, Heaven and Earth should be harmonized in one, to reach a deep balance from inside to outside. Yin (negtive) and Yang (positive) are the two aspects of everything, the flow and transformation in between compose millions of features and characters. Therefore to respect to your own personality and find a way to reach the balance from body to mind is the key to help you to find the best part of yourself.

The line form plays a key feature for the Chinese brush art in both painting and calligraphy. Sometimes we also call this art is like a line dancing, because it covers all the artistic codes as value, contrast, texture, emphasis, unity, balance, rhythm, pattern, movement, form, colour, line, shape, space and prospective, all in one line. This type of line is full of life widsom and experience. I will gradually introduce the theory of Six Principals of Chinese painting in tradition through the courses.

There are two types techniques in Chinese brush painting: Detailed and Freehand.

* Detailed style uses highly precise brush strokes to delimit the details in the objects.

* Freehand, sometimes called ink-and-wash, is a style made in writings on art with a natural flow technique in freedom. Traditionally this style was developed by Chinese scholar and practiced by gentlemen.

In contemporary times, we may learn through the tradition and develop our art scenes where innovation is the rule, Changing lifestyles, tools, colours and forms are also influencing our new waves of masters.

Through this online school I would like to support you with a step-by-step and stress free learning process. It will cover numerous samples from master art pieces, old prints and life experience, which will gently guide you into your own practice and art exploration. No previous art experience needed, be flexible and comfortable with own will, you can create your own artwork after each class, and become the master of yourself.

Also, I would recommend that you could have your choice of music accompanying with your art practice, it will help you to get into your peaceful inner world as desired.